Professor Linos at the “Health Communication: Training, challenges and opportunities for health professionals”

Professor Linos participated at the European Symposium on "Health Communication: Training, challenges and opportunities for health professionals", which was organized by Prolepsis Institute on Thursday, June 14, 2018 at the Main Building of the University of Athens (Propylaea) as part of the European project “Health Communication Training for Health Professionals, H-Com”. 

Specialists from Greece and Europe, representatives of international organizations and academics, as well as health professionals participated in the Symposium. Participants highlighted the necessity of building and strengthening communication skills of health professionals both at graduate level and through continuous medical education training. 

The discussion focused, among other issues, on the practicalities of communicating with patients with chronic health and mental health problems. The Symposium also included presentations concerning communication with special patient groups (refugees, elderly, children/young adults), as well as interdisciplinary communication in the workplace.

Professor Linos presented the very important topic entitled “Communicating with patients with cancer and serious illness”.

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