Endocrine Surgery

Dr. Linos has contributed to the development of endocrine surgery both nationally and internationally. It is worth noting that he has clinically contributed to the surgical treatment of diseases of the thyroid glands, parathyroid glands, pancreas and adrenal glands. An illustrative example is organizing in the 2nd Surgical Clinic of the University of Athens Medical School (Areteio Hospital) an outpatient medical department of Endocrine Surgery, where the first FNA biopsies of thyroid nodules were taken in Greece. The results of these fine needle aspirations of the first thousand patients were announced in international conventions and lectures abroad.

Writer of the book "Endocrine Surgery" (VITA publications, 1984), Dr. Linos has organized many continuing education seminars and symposia and participated in many Greek and international conventions. The fact that he has been invited to author chapters in American Medical textbooks, such as "Common Problems in Endocrine Surgery", YearBook Medical Publishers (1989), "Textbook of Endocrine Surgery", W.B. Saunders Publishing Company (1997), or even in Spanish textbooks, such as the "Endocrinologia Controversias Medico Quirurgicas", McGraw Hill Publications (1996), confirms the international recognition of his clinical experience.


Dr. Linos continues to author chapters in the new edition of what has become a classic medical publication, the "Textbook of Endocrine Surgery" (in press 2004). In 2005, Springer-Verlag publishing company published the medical textbook "Adrenal Glands: Diagnostic Aspects and Surgical Therapy". He is one of the editors of the textbook, as well as the author of many chapters and original surgical techniques. This textbook is characterized as unique internationally in the surgical treatment of the adrenal glands.


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